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EoI [Ethics of Internet]

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Konstantina Mavridou

What does the host do:

Provides the space for posing questions & maybe finding some answers :)

WPG Description:

This space is an attempt to bring awareness around the Ethics of Internet [EoI].

Think first of the important characteristics of Gen Z as defined by the market: More Global | Under the Influence | More demanding | Eager to stand out | After experiences | Pro social ( responsibility ) - “Ethics and message are most important to me... you cannot expect people to buy your products if your ethics are trash.” Female, 17, US

Let’s open a discussion on the blurry in-betweenness of ethics at a private, social and public level! With the focus on the paradox that is happening the last years; despite of GDPR laws, limitations and bans for data bridges & heavy data tracking that are applied to organisations, internet & services providers of various types, but also wider consumer product businesses across sectors. They seem to be more aggressively using consumers’ behavioural data, using and promoting Gen Z ( Generation Z ) characteristics and what it takes to create a ‘good’ brand ( ‘Driving the value from experience’ ), so they target larger audiences, in order to massively control the behaviours via social media marketing, targeting & content creation functionalities.

Based on the above ‘key insight’ businesses need to use and analyse consumer data at a personalised level in order to be ahead of the market competition and so Gen Z is ‘satisfied’. At the same time these generation definitions were invented by the same research centres and experts of consumerism of the same markets. The same principles are applied by companies across sectors from daily products to very new high-end technology like AI, IoT and financial services. The space is open to works around the ethics of the crossovers of spaces of the internet - do people demand or markets themselves build a non-ethical loop of ethics to be followed?

However, I would like to raise that the focus is not around the obvious ethical matters, like cybercrime, privacy, property & rights, accessibility, censorship, freedom, filtering, spamming, trolling, fraud.

What I am looking for:

Open for video|image|text works, critical research, mixed reality works


#image #video #sound #glitch #conceptual #virtualinstallation #mixedreality #data #IoT #ethics #definitions #criticalresearch #audiences

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Open to suggestions for upcoming shows, please contact Konstantina: dmrdart.89@gmail.com